Thousands of Honour Avenue plaques sit poignantly against a backdrop of eucalypt trees in Kings Park, Western Australia. Each bears details of service personnel who died due to war service and were either buried overseas or have no known grave in Western Australia. Most of the names listed on the Honour Avenue plaques are also represented on the State War Memorial, also located in Kings Park.

An online database of the plaques has been made available to provide a representation of the information and aims to assist members of the public to locate specific dedication plaques. Photographs of each plaque are included on the database, in addition to a location map and opportunities for further research through service numbers. Visitors can see the individual plaques in situ using 'Street View' or find their way using Google maps when planning a visit to Kings Park.

To search for a person, enter text in the search field such as surname, first name, service number or plaque number. Additional search tools are available to narrow your search, including avenue, rank, unit and cause of death. Tips and Disclaimers will help with your search and results.

1915 records found

Plaque number Rank Name Service number Unit Cause of death Date of death
L262A FSGT Woolhouse, Ross Service number: 415748 Unit: RAAF 461 Sqn KIAKilled in Action on 15 Aug 1943
L329 PTE Wordie, Robert Service number: VX69602 Unit: 2/2 Cdo Sqn DOINDied of Injuries on 30 Oct 1943
L189 PTE Worth, Walter Service number: WX10012 Unit: 2/4 MG Bn DPOWDied as Prisoner of War on 28 Aug 1943
M127 PTE Wren, Ernest Service number: 4248 Unit: 28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 4 Aug 1916
M541 CPL Wright, Ivo Service number: 1801 Unit: 28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 9 Apr 1918
M337 PTE Wrightson, Arthur Service number: 2860 Unit: 48 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 12 Oct 1917
M337A PTE Wrightson, Roy Service number: 2853 Unit: 11 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 30 May 1916
M347A PTE Wylde, Herbert Service number: 166 Unit: 16 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 2 May 1915
L324 PTE Yeates, Arthur Service number: VX59976 Unit: 2 Ind Coy KIAKilled in Action on 12 Aug 1942
M555 SGT Yelverton, Hilton Service number: 2051 Unit: 51 Bn DOWDied of Wounds on 21 Oct 1916
L272 PTE Yeo, Charles Service number: WX6539 Unit: 2/16 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 4 Oct 1942
M548 PTE Yore, Peter Service number: 6843 Unit: 11 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 20 Sep 1917
M689 PTE You, Charles Service number: 4632 Unit: 11 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 22 Jul 1916
L190B PTE Young, William Service number: WX5129 Unit: 2/28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 18 Jul 1942
L412 LT Zeck, Charles Service number: WX12545 Unit: 2/43 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 3 Oct 1943